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Open Meetings: Anchor Centre Development By: Lisa Thirlby

Open Meetings: Thursday 9th and Thursday 16th August at 6.00pm in the Bar / Studio. As this is the holiday season, two meeting dates are offered to enable more people to attend.

The Feasibility Planning stage of our building project is now underway. We want to ensure that the most appropriate use is made of the space offered for the benefit of LDS members, staff, audiences and all users of the Little Theatre. You are therefore invited to a meeting to learn more about the proposed buildings and progress of the project so far.

Michael Cooper, our architect from Darnton B3, will explain the details of the current plans. Please take this opportunity to join in the discussion. Your input is very important to make sure we get the details correct.

When completed, the detailed plans will be submitted to Leicester City Council to obtain planning permission. This is one of the conditions from the City Mayor for the transfer of the site to LDS.


Month of Sundays - Actress needed By: Penny Kimmins

Actress needed for A Month of Sundays (performing Oct 22-27th).
Delightful role - Wilson, a young nurse, feisty but sensitive.
Needs to be/look 20s.
Penny Kimmins - Director

my contact no is: 0115 9377 216 email:


The Pitmen Painters Auditions - Correction By: Paul Beasley

Just as an update, because I’m clearly an idiot.... (Yeah, I know... this type of article is labelled as ‘news’!)

The audition dates for The Pitmen Painters are the 2nd and the 7th of August (not the 5th).

Sorry all and thanks to those who’ve helpfully pointed out my incompetence!




CLOSED SEASON WORK – from the Backstage Co-ordination Team

Tuesdays and Thursdays will continue as working evenings for closed season during August, from approx. 7pm each evening.

LIGHTING: lantern cleaning  will continue every Tuesday and Thursday evening, from 7.00pm (in the Ladies’ Dressing Room), until everything is ready for PAT testing. Offers of help to Andy Crooks, or 07940429973.

PROPS: some tidying and sorting of props stock in the cellar and elsewhere will be done in August on the following evenings, from 7.00pm until 9.00pm: Thursday 9th August, Thursday 16th, Tuesday 21st , Tuesday 28th, and Thursday 30th. Offers of help to Lisa Thirlby, please, saying which evenings you can come: or 01509 267295.


Trailers for the Society’s productions By: Christopher Nuttall

Theatre can only exist as a live medium and a video cannot recreate the atmosphere of watching in the Main House or Haywood Studio. However, online trailers for the Society’s productions are increasingly important, condensing the aesthetics and sensibilities of a production into something cinematic to give an accurate and stimulating taster of what will be on stage. The Board’s view is that online trailers and the insight into rehearsals that they provide are ‘fair dealing’ with the material of the play. Many theatres produce similar trailers for their productions.

The majority of the Society’s sales are now made online. Currently, Main House productions often add over ten per cent to their overall attendance between the technical rehearsal and final performance. The online trailer, used across the Little Theatre’s social media channels and in email campaigns, is invaluable in helping to ensure that the Society gets as many sales as possible. Thank you to all the casts, directors, backstage teams and filmmakers who help to make this happen.


Auditions - The Pitmen Painters (Play 4) By: Paul Beasley

I’ll be holding auditions for The Pitmen Painters (4th play of the next season) on Thursday 2nd August and Tuesday 5th August in the Haywood Studio. This is a touching and funny play with a number of very strong roles (of largely indiscriminate age). It’s worth noting that most (though not all) of the parts will require a North East accent, but that’s something we can work on.

The parts are as follows:

George Brown – One of the Pitmen Painters
Oliver Kilbourn – One of the Pitmen Painters
Jimmy Floyd – One of the Pitmen Painters
Harry Wilson – One of the Pitmen Painters
Young Lad – A more significant role than it sounds, he is a member of the Pitmen Painters group and almost an everyman-type character.
Robert Lyon – the professor of art that teaches the Ashington Group (the Pitmen Painters) about art in the first place and mentors them
Susan Parks – a young woman in her 20s from Newcastle.
Helen Sutherland – art patron and collector, mid-50s.
Ben Nicholson – an artist from the South of England, early-mid 40s.

The production dates are 12th to 17th November. I realise these auditions are right in the middle of holiday season, so if you’re unable to attend the audition but would still like to read for this play (and I would encourage everyone to do so; not that I’m biased or anything!) we can undoubtedly work something out – just give me a shout. Absolutely all are welcome, but if you’re interested in auditioning, please let me know before you turn up – how will I know to get cookies* for you if I don’t know you’re coming? Feel free to call me on my mobile (07771 747949), but if you do, there’s every chance I’ll forget, so you’re probably better off sending me an e-mail at

Please do get in touch, and don’t for a second think “there’s no point” (because there is) or “if he wanted me to read he’d have got in touch” (because chances are I wouldn’t have… I tend not to). I look forward to seeing you all.

Paul Beasley

*Disclaimer: Cookies may be unavailable due to the director blatantly lying about this part of the auditioning process.**
**Disclaimer 2: The previous disclaimer may in fact be a recycled joke from a previous audition notice.


Fancy Being a First Aider? By: Philip Royley

Do you have a first aid certificate and enjoy seeing live theatre? Then you’re in luck…

You may not realise it but we provide our own first aid cover for every performance at The Little Theatre – that’s LDS plays, Visiting Companies, Specials, Studio productions – getting close to 200 individual performances that need first aid cover.

We’re lucky to have a loyal and dedicated team of trained first aiders who cover everything for us but it would be great to have a few more people to call on!

For Main House shows we provide the first aider with a free seat for themselves and a guest and one free seat for Studio shows. In return all you need to do is provide first aid if it’s required on the night.

Are you interested in helping out? If you don’t already have a certificate then we will arrange for you to undertake first aid training with St. John Ambulance. If you already have a certificate, that’s great – all you need to do is give me a call or email me and I’ll let you know what to do next.

Perhaps you have a friend or family member who can help? Just pass on my details and ask them to get in touch.

Contact Phil Royley on 0116 2542266 or

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