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Absurd Person Singular auditions By: Mary Jones

PLAY 2 OCTOBER 1st~6th
Alan Ayckbourn’s comic masterpiece of social climbing in 70s suburbia.
3 couples needed ~ flexible ages.
Youngish, a bit older and older still!
Scripts available now from the office.
Auditions on Monday July 9th and Tuesday 10th.7pm in the Studio.
If you are interested, please get in touch with me, Mary Jones,
on 07814510059 or e-mail adamary86@hotmail.com
Rehearsing from mid August, holidays accommodated!


Mother Goose Pantomime By: John Bale


Leicester Drama Society’s Pantomime ‘Mother Goose’ will be staged for 24 performances (Inc.a charity night) between 13th December 2018 and 6th January 2019 at The Little Theatre in Leicester.

SUNDAY 10th June 2018

TIME: 12.00pm to 4.00pm (times by appointment)
Auditions will be held at our rehearsals rooms
The Little Theatre: Dover Street Leicester LE1 6PW
PLEASE NOTE: All participants carry a non-professional status
Please let us know of your intention to audition prior to the day

Parts open for audition

Colin Goose: Mother goose’s older son (Principal Boy)
Male: Age 18 to early 30s. A strong singing voice and experience in dance and acting essential. He also has some comic scenes with his Mum and brother Billy

Jill: The Squires daughter (Principle Girl)
Female: Age 18-25.A strong singing voice and experience in dancing and acting essential.

Fairy Tranquilheart: The spirit of all that is good
Female: Age 20-40s .A strong singing voice and acting experience required.

Demon/Fairy Discontent: The spirit of all that is evil
Male OR Female: Age 20-40s. Acting experience and a good rapport with audience needed. Strong singing voice essential.

(Silly) Billy Goose: Mother Goose’s younger son
Male: Age 16 - 20’s. Comic timing and a good rapport with audience needed. Singing and dance experience is also needed.

Squire Squeezum: Father to Jill
Male: Age 40s to 50s. Comic acting experience required. Singing skills would be an advantage.

The part of Pricilla will be auditioned with the dancers on Sunday 8th July.

Pricilla: The Magic Goose
Female: Age 16 to 20s. This part would suit a flexible experienced Dancer. NOTE: Pricilla doesn’t speak (Apart from an occasional quack!) Or sing

The part of ‘Mother Goose’ is being played by John Bale.
All of the other parts are completely open to anybody that fits the requirements.

SUNDAY 8th JULY 20118

Auditions will be held in the Haywood Studio at The Little Theatre
Dover Street, Leicester. LE1 6PW
NOTE: All participants carry a non-professional status

JUNIOR DANCERS – Registration 9:30am for 10:00am start.
We are looking for two teams of six junior dancers aged from 7 to 11 years with a basic training in dance, both boys and girls. The two teams will share the shows and appear in 12 performances each.
NOTE: Children need to be no younger than 7, or no older than 11 at the date of the auditions.

SENIOR DANCERS – Registration 2:00pm for 2:30pm start
We are looking for a team of six to eight senior dancers aged from 16 to mid-20, with experience in dance, both male and female. A good singing voice is an advantage but not essential. All senior dancers will perform in all 24 shows.
NOTE: Senior Dancers need to be at least 16 by Dec 13th 2018

For further information and to register your interest please contact me using the contacts below.

Kind regards
John Bale. Pantomime Writer and Director
Email: johnrbale@hotmail.com
Mobile: 07906 624735

Paul Timms. Musical Director
Caroline Walsh. Choreographer
Emily Hall. Assistant to the Director


LDS Season 2018-19, First half: By: Lisa Thirlby


Play Author Production Dates Director
1 Blithe Spirit   Noel Coward 10-15 September John Bale
2 Absurd Person Singular  Alan Ayckbourn  01-06 October  Mary Jones
3 A Month of Sundays  Bob Larbey  22-27 October Penny Kimmins
4 The Pitmen Painters  Lee Hall  12-17 November Paul Beasley
Panto Mother Goose  John Bale  14 Dec 2018-6 Jan 2019  John Bale
5 Wait Until Dark  Frederick Knott  21-26 January 2019 David Kimmins
6 It’s a Wonderful Life  4-9 February 2019  Martin Bell



SOS FOH Saturdays By: Rob Thirlby

SOS FOH - from Pat Thompson

We are in desperate need of extra front of house staff for Saturday evening performances.
Please contact me if you can lend a hand even just once in a while – we are a relaxed friendly group and you can do as much or as little as you wish.
Thank you.

Pat Thompson

email patricia.thompson47@gmail.com


Quartet Company list By: Rob Thirlby

Director - Penny Kimmins

Cecily Robson - Angela Edwards
Reginald Paget - David Lovell
Wilfred Bond - Robin Turner
Jean Horton - Elaine Rook

Designer - Anna Field
Lighting - Vacancy
Sound - Andrew Northcote and Simon Harwood
DSM - Chloe Dickenson
Prompters - Dennis Cooper and Diani Davies
Props - Beulah Sell and Mo Bolton
SM - James Simpson


Allo Allo By: Philip Royley

Jane Towers is very pleased to announce the cast for Allo Allo

Production dates 9th to 14th July 2018

Rene - Wayne Jennings
Edith - Sue Dale
Mimi - Victoria Lissaman
Yvette - Amelia Eatough
Michelle - Jacque Hamilton
Gruber - Terry Cowlishaw
Von Strom - Peter Lakin
Crabtree - Phil Wintle
Bertorelli - Paul Cudby
Leclerc - Jurgen Strack
Herr Flick - Charles Moss
Helga - Helen Vye-Francis
Schmelling - David Jones
The airmen are Russell Hughes and Ruceba Sanders
Cafe people are Sue Withers, Ella Fletcher and Peter Gurney


Anna's Phone Number By: Anna Field

After a six month trial of having a work phone, I am now returning to my original number.
07866 893376
I will respond to calls and messages between 8am and 8pm, unless there has been a major calmity! Anything outside those times will be politely ignored until the following day!

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