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Wyrd Sisters Auditions By: Rob Thirlby

Wyrd Sisters Auditions

Tuesday 6th & Friday 9th March in the Library  from 7pm.


Granny Weatherwax, a Witch F 60+ Nanny Ogg, a Witch F 60+
Magrat Garlick, a Witch F 20’s
Felmet, Duke of Lancre M 30+
Lady Felmet, Duchess of Lancre F 30+
Fool, a Fool M 20’s
Tomjon, an Actor M20’s
Hwel, a Playwright M 40+
Verence, King of Lancre, a ghost   M 50+
Vitoller, an Actor-Manager M 30+
Mrs Vitoller, his Wife F 30+
Sergeant, a Sergeant M 40+
Chamberlain, Demon, guards,  robbers, actors, peasants.
The first 6 characters are present throught the play but as the rest may only appear in one or 2 scenes , (or in the case of Tomjon and Hwel only Act 2) there are opportunities for doubling/trebling up so there will be plenty to do throughout the play.
If you are interested in auditioning please contact Russell Hughes on 07922979801or russellhughes134@gmail.com asap.  Scripts are available from the box office.

Address and contact details By: Rob Thirlby

As a current member of the Drama Society  you are legally a member of the limited company and the Trustees are obliged to maintain an accurate register of members and their addresses.

We have now linked the members database and the Spektrix box office system and use the address, postcode and email address that you give when buying tickets and renewing your membership to update the members database. Please keep these details up to date so that we can communicate with you on membership and company business.

If your details change, login to the box office system using the login link at the top right hand corner of the home page or click on login to the box office system and use the my account address tab. You can also do the same when buying tickets either online, on the phone or in person at the box office counter.


Board of Trustees, 28th January 2018 By: Lisa Thirlby

At its meeting on 28th January the Board of Trustees
Confirmed arrangements for the AGM on Sunday, 25th March at 7.00pm in the Studio;
Approved an amendment to the Byelaws relating to new members;
Proposed a system for routine review of policies;
Received a report from Gill Adams (Fundraiser) and agreed to extend her contract by a further six months;
Received an updated spending plan from the Facilities Team;
Noted the resignation of the Youth Theatre Assistant, Victoria Tye, and that an advertisement seeking a replacement had been placed;
Discussed the General Data Protection Regulation that will apply from May 2018 and the procedures which are needed; and
Noted that Dick Whittington played to an audience of 8,052 over 23 performances and that Jeeves and Wooster played to 87% and that these sales benefitted greatly by company members promoting and discussing the production on their own social media channels.


LDS Youth Theatre Assistant By: Lisa Thirlby

Leicester Drama Society seeks an Assistant to its Youth Theatre Leader. Classes are weekly on Saturdays in term-time. The person appointed will have suitable relevant qualifications and must have experience of working with young people. This will be a short-term contract from February to July 2018 in the first instance. Further details and application forms are available from Phil Royley (0116 254 2266 or proyley@lds-mail.net, or on the theatre’s website at
www.thelittletheatre.net/getinvolved/vacancies ). Closing date: Friday, 9th February 2018.


Rehearsed play reading in the bar 7.30 on the 1st February By: Tim Hogarth-Jones

All welcome at 7.30 on the 1st February to a rehearsed play reading in the bar of a modern black comedy.

It will be led by Pip Nixon.

Come and support you friends!


allo allo By: Jane Towers

‘Allo ‘Allo
Performance dates: July 9-14th 2018
Audition date: Friday 2nd March 7.30p.m in the studio.

Due to unavailability of space, I have only offered one date. I would ask anyone interested to really try to make this audition as I can see everyone together and get a feel for parts. If this date is impossible for anyone, please email me and I will do some more the following week in the library.
The scripts should be available from the office. It is a very complicated play, full of physical comedy and requires a lot of stamina. I would like to cast physically similar to the tv programme. I have some dvd’s if people want to borrow them to watch as a reminder. They will be in my envelope in the pigeon holes in the office.

Cast required:
Rene……………café owner. French accent required. (40+)
Edith……………his wife. Singing badly required. (40+) flamboyant
Yvette………....sexy, young (25-ish) waitress. Needs to sing
Mimi...............…..needs to be shorter than Rene due to height gags in .Script. sexy waitress and undercover bodyguard, (20+) needs to sing
LeClerc…..undercover forger and buffoon. (60+) French accent
Michelle…’I shall say zis only once’ character. resistance fighter.(25+)
Colonel strohm…………….…..german accent. Buffoony-type character. Bald preferably (40+)
Captn. Bertorelli………………………..italian accent. Sleazy/girl-obsessed. needs to do Hitler impersonations
Herr Flick.........gestapo officer. limps. scary but sexy (25-40) needs to have some movement skills as small bit of dancing.

Helga…………….german officer.girlfriend of Flick.sexy but shouty (25+)
Lieut Gruber………... camp, lots of physical gags. (30+)
Gen. Schmelling……..eye patch. Professional soldier. (45+)
Crabtree……………………………..….………..English resistance..disguised as policeman.rubbish at French accent. (30+)
2 English airmen……..… funny roles. will double as extras and German soldiers (25+)
I also need about 4 extras to play café visitors/soldiers/peasants. These people will also play a vital part in swift scene changes so if you would like to get involved, there is a potential for interaction/dialogue so please come along or let me know if you’re interested.
Contact for me is: jane_towers@yahoo.co.uk and telephone is 07891167305.


Techie Tuesdays for January 2018 By: Jennifer Harding

A 4 week Course on Lighting Design and Implementation

based on the production of…

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice.

Tues 9th January (week 1) Concept Lighting Design – using the script and scene design, determine and design the lighting states required for the production.

Tues 16th January (week 2) Testing and Detailing the Lighting Design – understanding the importance of rehearsals in planning lighting states and transitions to create cue lists. Selection of lantern, colours and special effects to develop and embody the conceptual design.

Tues 23rd January (week 3) Drawing the Lighting Plan – using the lighting plan and cue lists to detail the cues and to create LX area lists.

Sunday 28th January [1pm to 4pm] – Rigging and Focusing – implement the lighting plan on the main stage.

Tues 30th January (week 4) – Programming the Lighting Desk – using the lighting plan, cue list and LX area list to create an initial set of lighting states in preparation for the technical rehearsal.

Tuesday Sessions in weeks 1, 2 and 3 will be held in the Studio between 7pm and 9pm. Sessions on Sunday 28th and week 4 will be in the main Theatre. All members welcome – no previous experience required. Further details of any of these sessions can be obtained from Jenny Harding (j.a.harding@lboro.ac.uk).


Auditions for Quartet By: Rob Thirlby

AUDITION "Quartet"

by Ronald Harwood

directed by Penny Kimmins

Auditions 26th and 28th February

in the Studio at 7pm

(if possible please be prepared to attend on both dates)
Performance dates 18th - 23rd June 2018

Made into the delightful film of the same name, (Maggie Smith, Pauline Collins, Tom Courtney, Billy Connolly) Quartet follows the ups and downs of four retired opera singers all living in a home for retired musicians.

Cast: Two women and two men who can act old enough - actual age doesn't matter!

No actual singing, but need to be able to mime to the Quartet from Verdi's Rigoletto (rehearsal time will be given to this).

Please let Penny know if you are interested.

Phone: 0115 9377 216 two.kimmins@qmail.com

Scripts from Theatre office.

©Leicester Drama Society Ltd, 2017

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