Audition – One of Us by Robin Chapman

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Audition Notice
Studio Production 12-15 June 2019
One of Us by Robin Chapman

In May 1951 one of the most sensational events of post-war Britain took place. Two diplomats within MI5 were uncovered as Soviet agents and subsequently defected to the USSR. One of Us imagines some of the conversations that took place around this time and which led to one of them having to decide whether it is more important to betray a friend or a nation.

Goronwy Rees (as the name suggests welsh) M 42
Guy Burgess (brilliant but unpredictable) M 40
Margie Rees (married to Goronwy) F 29
Anthony Blunt (very much aware of his situation) M 44

Goronwy and Margie will be required for all rehearsals. Burgess only appears in Act 1 and Blunt in Act 2 Sc 2 so these could be good parts for anyone who can’t commit to a full rehearsal schedule. Rehearsals will start 2nd April with a break from 25th April to 4th May.

Auditions will be held on 6 Feb at 7.30 in the studio. If you can’t make this date please let me know and I will arrange to see you at a more convenient time.
Scripts are available from the box office to read prior to audition. Please note, as this is a studio production there are a limited number of scripts available so if you take one please return it to the box office before the audition date so that someone else can read it and I have a full set for the cast.

If you would like to audition please contact Russell Hughes on 07922979801 or

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